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Pasta nuova

Price 7.00

From the ancient tradition of Sicilian pastries, pasta nuova (“New pastry”) is a biscuit made of almond dough and filled with a delicious green Sicilian courgette jam. Pasta nuova is a Sicilian pastry that will amaze your guest with its uniqueness, as it is ideal for afternoon tea and any other sweet moment of your day.   If you are not born in Sicily,...

Paste ricce

Price 7.00

Paste Ricce (“Curly pastries’)  from Pasticceria Angelo Inglima are soft almond biscuits, made from scratch following traditional Sicilian recipes.   Paste Ricce are biscuits made of Pasta Reale, which translates to “royal pastry” and refers to the traditional almond pastry popular in every corner of Sicily. Paste Ricce have a crispy crust coating a...