Angelo Inglima Sicilian Pastry Shop: 50 years of sweetness

Angelo Inglima Sicilian Pastry Shop was founded in Canicattì more than 50 years ago, thanks to the initiative and perseverance of its creator. Since he was a kid, our founder Angelo has got his hands dirty and has managed to turn his innate passion into a form of art, which fills him to this day with immense excitement! His never-ending devotion to sugar and its derivatives has spread across the family and especially to Giovanni, who has taken the wheel of the business and steered it towards innovation, never losing sight of tradition. Our recipes are inspired by our beloved Nonna Maria, sublime pastry chef and incredibly knowledgeable in the history of Sicilian confectionery. Sure enough, we use only the most genuine ingredients, carefully selected, preferably in season and locally sourced. Moreover, it is our constant desire for perfection that ensures the excellence of our confectionery’s aroma and its unmistakable fragrancy! Constant strive for quality and skillful manufacturing are the main features of our delicacies, as we aim to satisfy all tastes and requirements.

Aside from our traditional creations, faithful to Sicilian pastry tradition (paste ricce and paste nuove, buccellati…), we dedicate ourselves to the production of holidays delights, such as Easter colombe and agnelli, taralli, Martorana’s fruit and many more staples! From typical Sicilian confectionery (cassate, cannoli, biscotti…) we expand to more original delicacies that are perfect for any occasion, baked daily with love and care: profiteroles, pâtisserie mignon, ice-cream cakes and special birthday cakes. We always combine tradition and innovation, in fact we are sure you are going to love our vasocottura products such as our fragrant babà and soft panettoni, not to mention our unusual yet tempting chocolate treats: they are born from constant research and development. Our 50 years of experience and the efficiency of our dedicated employees allow us to effortlessly make all your dreams come true! We are waiting for you in our shop, or if you are far away you can always buy our Sicilian pastry online. Delivery available all throughout Italy in 24/48 hours. Deliveries outside of Italy can be arranged